10 Popular Places to Visit in Japan

Japan is revered as being a destination that makes every type of traveler feel right at home. From big cities to quaint temples to adventure trails and snow slopes, Japan is a diverse landscape that does an incredible job at blending a modern lifestyle with ancient traditions. A trip here is sure to be one that’s exciting, informative, and even inspiring.


Busy, vibrant, and often the first point of contact for travelers, Tokyo is Japan’s lively capital city. A visitor can easily spend a few days dining on fresh seafood, wandering through the many museums, gazing up at the skyscrapers, and enjoying a lifestyle of opulence and culture. To give a sense of how busy this city of 13 million people can be, the intersection at Shibuya Crossing is known as ‘The Scramble.’

Customs that are simply Japanese are found all throughout the city. In Harajuku, you can watch Japanese fashionistas use the main street as a runway, shop for the clothes yourself, view anime collections, and enjoy the overdose of color. For fresh seafood, head to the Tsukiji Market, thousands of tons of seafood are traded daily. The city also hosts tens of shrines, temples, and palaces perfect for finding peace if the crowds become overwhelming.