10 Popular Places to Visit in Cambodia

Cambodia still manages to straddle the line between tourist hotspot and untrodden eastern destination. Without the crowds of Thailand to the west, enclaves like the deep north and the wild Cardamom Mountains have remained off-the-beaten-track, with visitors now slowly revealing their tribal villages and mysterious Khmer temples.


The home of the famous Angkor Wat is unquestionably one of Cambodia’s must-see places. Unfortunately, thanks to the legendary pagodas and vine-dressed stupas that are tagged by UNESCO, it’s also one of the busiest spots in the country. Still, it’s definitely worth braving the crowds and hopping out of Siem Reap for a spell to see this world wonder.

Encompassed by wetland rice paddies and dense jungles, it emerges from the canopy in a medley of historic Khmer towers and enchanting erstwhile Hindu shrines. Today, it’s the chants of Buddhist monks and gasping travelers that dominates, as they weave betweenthe intricate base reliefs and the great sandstone sculptures of mythic beasts.